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Zoom Information & Support


How to support students with video conferencing

  • Know login information: Ensure your child is "Signed In WITH Google" and using their @gardncityschools.com Google Account.

  • Review features: Join video, pause video, mute sound, access chat, etc. (See resources below)

  • Adjust Sound and Video: Zoom has built in assistance that can help with adjusting sound and video. See information below for more on this topic and others. Headphones or earbuds with a built in microphone are recommended. Also make sure child is muted until called on by teacher.

  • Location Matters: We recommend a location with lots of light that has few distractions. Avoid using Zoom with a window behind the student as it will create a silhouette and make it difficult for anyone to see you child during the Zoom meeting.

  • TECHNICAL CONSIDERATIONS for a better video conferencing experience include:

    • Limit internet activity from other devices while videoconferencing. Videoconferencing, streaming, and online gaming all use large amounts of bandwidth, which can create problems for others that are accessing the internet on the same local network.

    • Limit distance from wireless router or use a wired connection. Wifi signals degrade with distance, so those that are further from their wireless routers can have a less reliable connection to the internet. If possible, students should use a wired connection to their router as this provides the fastest and most reliable connection to the internet.

    • Limit usage of device resources by closing unnecessary tabs, windows, and applications. Videoconferencing uses device resources, such as CPU and RAM, which are shared among other open tabs, windows, and applications. By closing unnecessary tabs, windows, and applications, more device resources can be allocated towards Zoom.

    • Refrain from using a virtual background and otherwise enhancing your Zoom "presentation". This will preserve device resources too.