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Kindergarten Curriculum Facts

Math- Using a cross curricular approach, by the end of the school year the students will fluently add and subtract within 5.  The students will represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings, sounds, acting out situations, verbal and written explanations, expressions or equations. 

ELA- Kindergarten students will be exposed to various reading and writing genres and experiences by classroom and Action-Based teachers.  They will learn to read by learning letters, sounds, and sight words.  They will learn to write by using their knowledge of sounds and words to accompany their illustrations.  Since children come to school at various levels the goal is to make continuous progress. 
Social Studies- This curriculum is designed to help students gain an increased awareness of themselves and the world around them.  Using the framework of "Myself and Others", students learn about the social studies disciplines of history, geography, civics, government and economics.  Using events from their own lives they begin to explore and learn the basic historical concept of time to distinguish past, present and future.  They develop the geographic concept of space by learning positional words and recognizing that maps and globes represent places in the world.  To lay the foundation for the study of civic and government, students identify the flag as an important symbol of the United States.  They also act as classroom citizens by following appropriate rules for individual and group activities and decision making.  An awareness of economics is developed as students connect familiar economic wants to how those wants are met.  Throughout the year students are introduced to simple core values of democracy as they learn to respond appropriately to classroom issues and individual responses. 
Science- Students will leave Kindergarten with the understanding that inquiry involves generating questions, conducting investigations and developing solutions to problems through reasoning and observations.
World Language: Japanese-In Kindergarten, students are introduced to the language and culture of Japan. The focus is on learning simple vocabulary related to numbers, colors, name, age, polite expressions and greetings. Students will be exposed to Japanese culture through Japanese holidays and celebrations.

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