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School of Choice

Thank you for your interest in Garden City Schools.

School of Choice open application period for Kindergarten through 10th grade will be:
November 12th through December 21st.

We will have the following openings:
Kdg, 1st, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th - 3 openings at each grade.
2nd & 4th - 2 openings at each grade
5th & 6th - 5 openings at each grade 

If we receive more applicants than we have openings for we will hold a random drawing to select students and a wait list will be established.

Parents of schools of choice students are expected to provide transportation to and from school.

Students are expected to arrive and depart from school on time. It is expected that parents will pick up students on time when they are attending an after school activity or evening event.

All Student Code of Conduct rules, procedures and policies will apply to all students who enter Garden City Public Schools under the schools of choice guidelines and procedures.

Information on Garden City Public School's non-discrimination statement and complaint procedure can be found here.
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