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Pay Schools

We have implemented PaySchools Central, an online payment platform, to help make managing lunch and fee payments easier for our students’ parents. The portal is easy to set up and use, both online and via the mobile app. To get started, follow the instructions below. If you need help along the way, please contact us at 1-800-669-0792.

1. Visit our portal at www.payschoolscentral.com.

2. Select the “Register” option from the menu. The portal will guide you through the steps you need to follow to establish your account and set up your students.

3. You will be prompted to enter your contact data and a payment method to activate your account.

4. Once all information is entered, you will receive an email from PaySchools Central with a link to confirm the registration and create your password. Once your password is saved, you can log in and begin using PaySchools Central as often as you’d like. 

5. The first time you log in, you will need to indicate which student(s) to attach to your account using the Add/View student tab. Students are already loaded in the PaySchools Central system. PaySchools Central utilizes the same student ID number used for your lunch purchases. If you are unsure of your student’s ID number, please contact the school/district registrar. 

Note: PaySchools Central charges the following fees for each deposit.

Food Service fees:
  • The ACH (paying by electronic check) fee per transaction is: $1.95
  • The internet convenience fee per transaction when using credit or debit card is: $1.95 under $49.99 then 3.5% over $50.00
All other fees (Pay-to-Play, etc.):
  • The ACH fee per transaction when using an electronic check is: $1.75
  • The internet convenience fee per transaction when using credit or debit card is: 3.5%