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Cell Phone & Technology Guidelines

Cell Phone & Technology Guidelines

Here is how our new plan works---

  • You will see red/green signs in each classroom.
  • These signs will tell you when and if you can use technology.
  • Please make sure that you follow these rules.

FAQ’s about these guidelines:

Why did the school decide to make these rules?

Too many students were using their phones to text during instruction.  Many students were not paying attention, but instead, were listening to music or being disruptive with cell phones and technology during class time.  

What happens if you have your cell phone out when the teacher’s sign says “NO technology at all”?

Your phone will be taken for the day and kept in the office. The phone will be returned at the end of the day.

What if I don’t want to turn my phone in?

If you refuse to turn your phone over in the office, this would be insubordination, which can result in a referral or a suspension if you choose NOT to comply.